The Deadly Syndrome

When It All Went Wrong

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The mortals laugh beneath the moon and the stars
They have no sights on how lucky they are
Stars burst, galaxies

A spark at the edge that heated up
It was so catastrophic when the meteor struck
The mothership, to its knees

Then beauty took reign
In the most magnificent array
It was almost like home
For millions
Of folks

Make believing for the last chance to
Embrace the past
Spread a monolithic glow

Burning out... burning out

This life
This smile
Will find an end
This lifeless smile will begin

They've got their contests
They've got their twins
They've got their failing revolutions
And their breaking experiments
I want to see it this time
All eyes open wide
Watching the sun stand still

The parting clouds
They're running out
Who saw it coming?
I'm telling you, they didn't see it coming
They didn't see it.

When the lights go off
When the sun burns out
We'll standing there

Everyone's alone in the dark
Everyone's alone in the dark
Everyone's alone in the dark
Everyone's alone in the dark
Burning out

Hearts were
Hearts were
Thumping along
Wasted passengers when it all went wrong
The media turned off

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