The Judds

When King Jesus Calls His Children Home

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When they plant me like a seed in the ground
In silent sleep beneath some mossy mound
I'll be like a rose just waitin' for the spring
'Cause I'm a gonna rise up, rise up, shout and sing

'Cause there ain't no grave gonna hold my body down
When I hear, I hear that trumpet sound
I know I've been a dyin' since the day that I was born
But now I'm living for that resurrection morn'

When King Jesus calls his children home
When King Jesus calls his children home
I'm a gonna wear my snow white gown
I'm gonna put on a starry crown
When King Jesus calls his children home

Like a bird in a cage that's been set free
My soul will sing throughout eternity
I'll shed this mortal shell, oh, let ol' Satan stay in hell
I'll see glory that no human tongue can tell

Ye know not the hour
Ye know not the day
So, be humble, my children
Hide and watch and pray

Autor(es): Naomi Judd

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