Ancestral Legacy

When Sense Dies

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It's so quiet here,
deep inside myself -let no one in.
I loose track sometimes,
loose track of time and place -fade into this picture. Fearing, the night, will take me, away, fearing, the dark, will bring me, the end.
Sometimes, the fear, poisons,
my will, sometimes, the tears, are drowning, the pain.
On an autumn's mourn,
the mist is hanging low -above the water.
All the moments gone,
finally reappears -still feeling hollow.
Abandon, the ship, when the rats leave.
Surrender, yourself, when sense dies.
This mask means nothing now...
when the soul is naked...
I can't move, I can't see,
I can only feel the fear of being lost.
Embrace you in my mind,
pretend that you are mine.
Undress you in my mind,
pretend that you are... mine!
I woke up, hoped the dream had found me,
but as I open up my eyes;
I realized the search ain't over,
that night I looked into your eyes...

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