When The Ice Goes Out

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Well I can't say, 'cause I don't know about that
All I know here is in my hat
And that hat ain't even on my head
I'm seeing blue & feeling red

Whether I'm right or whether I'm wrong
Whether you will weather this winter song
The season will break and the colors will run
Whether I'm right or whether I'm wrong

It's shiver me this and shiver me that
I want to hear the crack of a baseball bat
Never giving up the heat that's where it's at
Shiver me this or shiver me that

Infinities run in the limited man
I can't do everything but I will do what I can
You know last year I dreamed the minimum
And enemies I made a few of them

I didn't know spring until I came here
Here we're pushing up the lid on the cool hemisphere
Everything melts I know even your tears
Here in this hemisphere

What matters the most is what you do for free
Me believing in you and you in me
You try to find work and you do your best
You get what you get and you deserve the rest

You're the sun before day and the stars before night
The pull before love and the love before the light
I may be wrong but I may be right
Here before day or there before night

Want to be by the river when the ice goes out
I want to take a little know-how from the shadow of doubt
I want to feel like I know what I'm talking about
Oh when the ice goes out, oh when the ice goes out.

Autor(es): John Gorka

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