When The Tide Is High And The Locks Are Cut, We Can Settle

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The summers ending without you
The night is breaking and the ground beneath my feet rips apart without you
The city reaches and our skyline becomes a furnace
The fields and the terraces are laid to ashes
As the planes spill old newspapers and rip apart magazines
And the people lay so low in the embers and hide from what could have been
The ocean is tossing and turning and autumn fades out without a whisper and the rope that holds my leg rips apart without you
As your memories break away from whatever I was using to hold them back
Don't let them bury themeselves in the sadness and don't ever let them drag you down
She's starting the fire in your home
As I fall from this building I will set the bridges on fire
And the people bury themselves in the dirt I will, I will make no sound
I'm asking you to remember that I will never leave you and I'll never let them drag you down

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