Ede Staal

When the waves are too high

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I never thought a house could be a prison, my love,
I never thought a breeze could be a gale.
But since you've gone, my rooms are empty, my love,
And I'm the prisoner of my own jail.
Who's gonna set me free, Or will it always be,
That all my faults will torture me until I die.
Or is it all in vain, love is not to remain,
Cause if you got it you may keep it for a cry.
(Why, oh why, why you and I)
Heaven, heaven, do you go, no I don't know why.

When the waves are too high,
And the sea is too rough,
And your love is shipwrecked,
Then your life's pretty tough.
Just remember one thing,
It's a thing oh so true:
You are born all alone,
And you die alone too.

And all in between,
Is the life that you live,
Is the love that you get,
And the love you will give.

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