When Tubes Cease to Glow

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In a time of technological abundance
Mankind refuses to civilly evolve
With power comes great responsibility
And the elements of the Earth are not ours to destroy

I am as guilty as any
Enslaved to my addictions
Like an injection to perpetuate murder

Human beings are just a strain
Of a malignant infectious plague
Mutilating that which cannot falter from innocence

Sad, angry and fucking sickened
I have lost sympathy for my wretched species

No grown person is devoid of vile sins

Imagine a small child
Skinned alive and writhing in anguish
Suffering with pain and fear
A fate worse than death; denied of dignity
In a stage so tender and mild
Equal to animals incapable of committing cruelty

The craving for riches is the worst fucking excuse
For the lack of compassion for all life

Exterminate this fucking human race

To murder a grown man is justifiable
Unlike our drunkenly relentless carnage