Oi Polloi

When Two Men Kiss

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When two men kiss
Walk hand in hand
The fear of what
You don't understand
Explodes into violence
Screams break the silence
"The guy was a poof"
"The guy was queer"
And living in fear
No, you're not thick
And you say they're sick
But the only sickness
I can see
Is the cancer of
What kind of society do we live in
where the simple act of showing love and affection
towards another human being results in this kind of sickening murderous violence?
Intolerance, bigotry and hate - I say it's time to stop.
From nazi boneheads to Bad Brains - Warped attitudes
that we must change and it's not just homophobia -
Rampant sexism, macho dancing, beating of woman -
All this is rife within the "scene" -
often closer to home than we care to acknowledge.
It's time to stop sweeping things under the carpet -
Confront the problems - And act.

Autor(es): Oi Polloi