When You Cry

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You're safe
I can see your passionate horns
Now I know that you don't regret
What you're doing to me
What you're doing to me
In the fight
Pulling out
When the thunder brings you down
You won't leave me hanging around

When you cry it's like a butterfly
In my heart
So you're right
I heard you through
The window last night
You been shaking like a leaf
On a tree of winter
Pulling out
You're in love

Got a heinous
Storm coming
You won't see me again
You let me love you
In your
Naughty gaudy charm
The storm in your face
It's come a long way
Your two bare feet are mistaken, maybe

What was taken
What was added
What was dropped
What was shattered
There's nothing you could do
You knew nothing would be done

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