Mr. Big

Where Are They Now

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Staring back from inside my mirror
A boy I used to know
Shining eyes that see right through my window soul
Cowboys, kings and flying aces
Somehow saved the day
We were stealing kisses from the princess in the palace
My Alice through the looking glass
Is there really anything that lasts
Makes me wonder if time is a bullet
'Cause everything is happening too fast

I loved, I lost
Where are they now
The things I touched
And let them fall
Where are they now
All the people that I've known
That turned out to be me
Where are they now

Waiting in a line of five o'clock shadows
Another pencil in the drawer
Tripping over echoes in my head
Wishing I was someone else instead
Makes me wonder if time is my hero
And everything will come around again

Autor(es): André Pessis / E. Martin