Leo Sayer

Where Did We Go Wrong

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Please, tell me what's on your mindi can see the tears but i don't know whyyou're cryingit it me or is it youis it real or just a moodwell i know you're sad but what are youtryin' to provewhen you say that you can't go onand you feel like you don't belongyou've got nobody to lean uponit seems we've come so far but we just can'tget along
Where did we go wrongwhere did we go wrongwhere did we go wrongwhere did we go wrong
I've been workin' -- never coming home at alli left you chained to the kitchen busy walkin'up the wallnow i don't want nobody elseand i'm not thinking about myselfwhen i say that i'll do anything to stop yousaying that you don't belongand what we had is just upped and goneplease please try -- try to be strongoh i apologize -- i didn't mean to lead you on
Where did we go wrong
Well you know there ain't nobody elsei'd be a fool trying to please myselfif i thought that there could be anybody elsewell you'll see now as time goes oni'll be the one that you can lean uponwe'll dry out the tears and never have to saythat we were wrongooh babe we'll get it on

Autor(es): Alan Tarney / Leo Sayer

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