Where Is My Mind?

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Uh, I lost my fuckin' mind again
It was a while back and I ain't tryna find it man
The minutes flying and rewinding ain't an option
So I scooped the fuckin' fam to lace the track, I know they got me, damn

Damn, in this padded room, thoughts runnin', scattered dude
I'm challenging my badder moods, battling my attitudes
Ready for a life change, time to pick the pieces up
The sky's the beginning, the only way I think is up

In the late night, cusp of the daylight
Nothing in my vision but the dust and the breaklights
As long as I say what I feel and you feel what I say
Then you gotta be feelin' the same way, right?

Where is my mind? Where is my mind?
Where is my mind?
Where is my mind? Where is my mind?
Where is my mind?
Where is my mind? Where is my mind?
Where is my mind?
Where is my mind? Where is my mind?
Where is my mind?

Ah, this some punch you in the dick music
Scull a beer, burn a spliff, shelf a bick to it
Where the fuck I leave my mind? I don't remember shit
But y'all can have it coz we on another level, kid
I'm reading leary and seeing just how it really is
I'm turning on, and tuning in, and dropping the fuck out this bitch,
I'm baking cookies in the kitchen with the missus
Add some kush, some cali mist and our faces going to pieces
Shit, but our motherfuckin' brains finna open wide
The curtains move aside on this reality we know ain't right
So ya gotta get the fuck up off the fences
Coz ignorance ain't beget the existential consequences
Dog, I been taught to only speak on what I believe in
Instead of being basic and saying just what I'm seeing
And yo, maybe I ain't that crazy to make this song
I wonder where my mind's at, I guess it's been here all along

Uh and yeah maybe that's why I'm discovering
The other 90% of my brain that's been covered in
Not functioning on something like autopilot
I fuckin' yank the wires out and then I gets to wildin',
A brand new person, a stand up version
A man I am first and down to earth like the dirt
We on a different channel, and a whole other frequency
I said I've lost my mind so you can't speak to me
I'm off the planet, chillin' somewhere like mars is
Rollin' up stardust with piff from my jar kid,
If y'all ain't movin' I consider y'all asleep
And guess the only exception's if you dreamin', give me a reason
To show you the path to open up your intellect
I wish you God speed and hope our paths intersect,
Coz this a journey that you seeing through your eyes
Windows to the soul? Nah I guess it's a gate to your mind

Ah, this some kill you in your face music
Pump the bass, instigate, make mistakes to it
Time to wake up, get acquainted with your brain, use it
Put the pedal to the plate, drain the brake fluid
Ah yo, where the fuck's my mind? I think it got away
It must be 'round here, prolly where I left my body ay
I need a holiday, malaise is setting in
Wonder how the hell this suit and tie became my second skin
I mean the stress is big
It's got me grinding my teeth down in my sleep worse than the bickies ever did
I'm at the centre of some palahniuk transgressive thing
Pass the mescaline and notify my next of kin,
That's it, I'm stepping in, no looking for a meaning
It's only now I'm seeing that there's lessons in just being
Drowning in a sea of thoughts, I'll breathe beneath the surface
Liberate myself and never think about the purpose

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