Hoodoo Gurus

Where's the Action

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What do you say, need some action today? OK?
Drive to the Mall, that's our first port of call, always
Anytime, anywhere, I'm there

This place is dead, let's go shoot pool instead, I'm there
(Where's the action. where's the action?)
So, rack 'em Gene Hackman and prepare for a fight that I'll win
(Where's the action, main attraction?)
Anytime, anywhere, I'm there
You're the man with plan and I'm there

Head into the city
Look at those pretty lights
Man, I'm feeling lucky
You bet I'll have fun tonight

Gonna meet somebody
I have never met before
Living for this moment
I don't need much more
Who could ask for more?

Another day, another dollar, they say, I'll pay
Give me a call, I'll see you back down the Mall, OK?
Anytime, anywhere, I'm there

We'll have a few laughs
And we'll let down our hair
And I'm there

Autor(es): Dave Faulkner

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