Where the Rain Comes In

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There's no sound from where the rain gets in
I'd mend it but I don't know where to begin
drip-drop on the floor from the windowsill
all is still
A small dirty nest on the third floor
of an apartment building on lonestreet, opressionville
There's always music in the air
but time stands still
In this old building nothing is safe
I always go for a smoke once or twice on the balcony each day
but today the antique reinforcement bar caved
so I fell... 6 metres to the ground... I lost my breath
all is still
The sky is big and blue, almost surreal
But deep space is always black on my TV
It's supposed to be out there
Behind all that blue shimmer somewhere…
(Twinkle, twinkle - you twinkle light)
In my hospital bed I'm riding out the inner turmoil
of a drug cocktail the white-coats gave me.
I realize I'm in severe need of a new sheriff up north
gotta get those priorities straight, man…
can't be fooling around any longer, man!
You're not 20 years old no more… Should I quit smoking perhaps?
And maybe I could get my hands on one of those things that keep people occupied, whaddaya call 'em… -You mean jobs?
-Yeah, jobs, that's it, a daytime job! I'm done with this bullshit!
I'm playing, but nobody's paying…
Falling of balconies just because I need a break from the music…
Well, here's the big break for you… I quit
When graced by death
I stood the test
Found that in this place where I rest
everything is too still
The life that I've chosen
I go to it like a duck to water
But beyond the horizon there's a big, big world
and I think I want to see it after all...

Autor(es): Rikard Sjöblom