Sawyer Brown

Where Was I

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On a black and white TV back in grammar school
I was watching Neal Armstrong walking on the moon
That same day I pretended I was an astronaut
on the playground monkey bars I flew above the stars
I was in a Dallas disco the night John Lennon died
The DJ played "Imagine" and everybody cried
I remember a thousand lighters held up in our hands
All we were saying was let's give peace a chance

Where was I when you stopped lovin' me
When did I become history
There's not many things that escape my memory
Tell me where was I when you stopped loving me

Every twenty thousand years a comet lights up the night
On a blanket we watched it sail across the sky
A Moment like that comes just once in life
It felt like our first time at 11:35


I remember when I met you
The taste of our first kiss
I remember your goodbye
Could you tell me this


Where was I when you stopped loving me

Autor(es): Anne Graham / Billy Maddox / Paul Thorn

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