Planet Gemini

Where Your Future Lies

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Backwards we're spinning around
Falling so quickly but never touching down
Caress this optimal sound
Our future lies in shambles and there's madness all around

and we never see the precious things until they pass us by
Here's where your future lies

Cling like you're grasping the night
Hold on so tightly it might just save your life
Together we'll prove that I'm right
Tomorrow's filled with sorrow
but today is looking bright

and we never miss the things we love until they up and die
Here's where your future lies

We march, never ending
Just pretending this circle's a line
Through dark understanding, so demanding the pressures of life

So we'll never speak of the days we can't sleep
and the terrors so deep in our mind
and we'll be unaware of the people who care
in the deepest despair we can find

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