Irving Berlin

While The Band Played An American Rag

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[1st verse:]
I had a wonderful dream last night
I never saw such a lovely sight
I dreamt that the warring nations were at a ball
There wasn't anyone talking fight
They realized that it wasn't right
And this is just what I noticed in the hall

The King of England danced
With the President of France
The Crown Prince of Germany
Danced with the King of Hungary
They all laid down their swords
While the different Dukes and Lords
All shouted "We don't want any more talk of war talk"
They started drinking to each other like brothers
They drank a toast to each other's flag
The Russian Czar said to the Kaiser
"Let's drink some Budweiser"
Then he shook his hand while a German band
Played an American rag

[2nd verse:]
The Russian Czar wet his lips with wine
And started whistling the "Wacht am Rhein"
The Kaiser sang "Tipperary" without a pause
They kept it up till the break of day
Then when they started to go away
The whole world rang out with gladness just because

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