Whisper A Prayer To The Moon

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In case of loving unreturned
Unrequited fingers burn
Don't you blame yourself at all
There is no blame,there is no crime
This madness happens all the time
No one there to break your fall

I understand how hard it's been
I've been there too and I have seen
What running after love can do
That feeling deep down in your soul
That searing,empty,gaping hole
Has dug a hole in my life too

My darling,my darling
So crazy,so charming
It's just that it happened too soon
But I send you my wishes
My hugs and my kisses
And whisper a prayer to the moon

In case you've lost your faith in life
In case you cannot sleep at night
Be certain this will take it's toll
I recognise those waves of pain
I've known them time and time again
And would not wish them on a soul


In cases lying by your door
A life is packed to go once more
There was no intent to deceive
Please bear no grudge,just bear your soul
It's hardly bearable to go
And barely possible to leave

My sweet tempered angel
I wish I were able
To heal all the hurt with a tune
And if I had the powers
I would give you the stars
The sun and the light of the moon



I whisper a prayer
I whisper a prayer
I whisper a prayer to the moon
I whisper a prayer
I whisper a prayer
I whisper a prayer to the moon

Autor(es): Eleanor McEvoy

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