Friendly Fires

White Diamonds

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She was young in her mind but the days, they were old and tired
Along came love, she had yearned for so long, she felt on fire
She'd do anything for him

He was close as the label in a shirt, never left her side
He would lace handkerchief in the rain if she ever walked by
He'd do anything for her

Hold back and kiss slow
The lights out in your cold heart now

Stuck in a world that would pull them apart, and it cost in time
If only they knew that ahead loomed a cloud that was as black as night
She'd do anything for him

They were strong, they could take on the world and put up a fight
And even the clouds couldn't stand in the way when they held on tight
He'd do anything for her

Don't hold your breath too long
For white diamonds in the snow

Autor(es): Friendly Fires