A Curse For The Dead

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The ravishing blessing of Heaven's light vanishes at once
With the closing of eyes, illuminating the darkness
Inside. Pave way, tread forth! A sigh to bid farewell, one
Last pronunciation: the name of the Creator ? forlorn?

A curse for the dead!

The will to life is the lust for death. Strangling,
Consuming, vomiting flesh! A wave of darkness carries
Me forth to molest the seemingly safe. Under the
Moonless valve of black, spirits float onwards to never
Come back.

Dwell, now, in a sea of negativity! Undulating darkness,
Speaking wounds. This gruesome site is boundless. The
Grave; an entry and nothing like rest. Scarring without
Leaving scars. Souls to stone, gristle and bone.

Emotionless dead lips, coldly sealed. Farewell to the
Flesh and the truth therein! A procession for the
Moribund to initiate the rape of life.
Holy ruin:
A web of flesh, following the call of the void.

A curse for the dead!