Jazz Butcher

Whitfield, Sarah & The Birchfield Road Affair

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Turned on the television at half-past 9 in the evening
And he didn't see nothing at all
Asked himself:
`If there's a God how come there's so much suffering going on?'
And the answer was nothing at all
Spend a little time in the kitchen making up a sandwich
And he never got to eat it at all
Thought about the sandwich,
Thought about the T.V. and thought about his relatives
And he never thought about nothing at all
Sarah lived the other side of town
In a white shirt in the old flat that the landlord used
To make a little extra money
She'd get home from work in the evening,
Turn on the T.V. 'bout 6PM and she
Ha! She saw nothing at all
Used to read it in the evening paper
Where to go to meet friends in a strange town
But she never did nothing at all

Round about the time that Whitfield thought about his relatives,
Sarah took a big decision and it
Led her to nowhere at all

That's the way

So they met on a tuesday evening just by chance
Thought that maybe it'd fall
Life where we live doesn't ever happen that way
Well guess what? It was nothing at all
Whitfield asked himself:
"Why couldn't we talk about something important"
But they talked about nothing at all
Sarah got a cab home,
The cab driver got a little lazy and he missed his way
You know there was very nearly nothing at all
There ya go now

It's a song about nothing at all (x2)
I made it up and there isn't much at all
Two people, learned nothing at all

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