Whores Bleeding Magick

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We have chosen this topic because of its actuality. Right extremists
are on the rise again all over the world. 50 years after the tragedy
of Lidice, a czech village completely burned down by the german Wehrmacht,
there is still a lot of people who don't seem to understand. We want to
memorize all victims of fascist regimes (communism in it's living form was
also fascism !), especially the people of Lidice. Millions of dead accuse
rightist policy. All of you who still don't understand - FUCK YOU!

"To The Deceased"
...a prayer for the dying...

...open your ears, close your eyes, tell me what you see...

"Emesis Of The Soul"
...just a song about drug experience, nothing trendy, just a fucked-up soul...

"Dying World"

"Shades Of Grief"
... a song about a relationship that never really had a chance....

"Fragmental Aggression"
...we tried to express this without words...

...Hure, die in eisigen Schauern ein totes Kindlein gebart,
rasend peitscht Gottes Zorn die Stirn des Besessenen....
Georg Trakl (1887 - 1914)

....a personal statement of our singer on this topic....

"Pictures In Grey"
...an auditive journey on the ocean...

"A Winters Night"
...black frost, midnight, dawning of a new day...

"The Truth"
...just hate, immense hate, neverending hate...

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