A Divine Eradication

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Between motionless and this wretched state of digression
Treading on the line that I drew from my own compliance
Let me feel it rain down
I cannot wait any longer
Let's get something straight, I am not who you made me out to be

It's the awakening of my body's inner consciousness
A fraction of my sleepless numb existence

Rain down now on me

Oh I feel it now
Pick and pull apart my limbs
Push me down now from your throne
Oh I feel it now
Drag me down now to the floor
Press the point into my skin
Oh I feel it now
Oh I feel it now

Something will have to collide
To end the constant spinning of cycles
Strung together and I'm crawling in the streets

Where is my fix?

I stand alone in time
When they spun away I fell apart

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