Eskimo Joe

Why Are All The Cars Outside Real

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There is a place that we can go
To hide away from this world we know
Step inside the box of sony, the one and only,

Why are all the cars outside real?

Had a sony gone and given to me
How could I be so lucky?
Before I knew what I had done
I turned my sony on

Warning play it on a small screen
Don't play it more than an hour or three
Thought that was kinda dumb
I mean that's half the fun

There is a place where we can go
To hide away from this world we know

Got a friend at Video Ezy
Gives me all my games for free
Go there every Wednesday
Don't even have to pay

All my friends they come around
But there is one thing I've found
They don't come around to see me
They want my sony

Had my sony gone and taken away
Went a driving on the highway
All the cars they seem so real
Hey what's the deal?

Drove into a telephone pole
Found out I was on the dole
How can a man feel so lonely?
I want my sony