Why Don't You Haul Off and Love Me

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They say the love bug will get you at the age of 23
I'm not telling my age but something got a hold of me
I'm just craving some lovin' in that old fashion way
Honey linger near and listen to all I had to say
Why don't you haul off and love me one more time
Why don't you squeeze me until I'm turning blind
If you don't cuddle up and love me like I want you to do
I'm gonna haul off and die over you
[ guitar ]
Now honey come a little closer put your little hand in mine
Let me feel your arms about me honey please don't change your mind
Cause my lovesick heart's a throbbing as I hold you close to mine
I'm just havin' lot of lovin' waitin' for me on the line
Why don't you haul off and love me...
[ guitar ]
Now I can feel your warm lips near me hear you breathe so soft and fine
I can feel the matrimony crawlin' up and down my spine
I don't believe that love will hurt you cause it feels so nice and kind
I get mighty close to heaven when your love is on the line
Why don't you haul off and love me...

Autor(es): Wayne Raney

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