Bill Anderson

Why'd The Last Time Have To Be The Best

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As I lay here by my woman I know I'm back where I belong again
I can't help but think about you though and all the things that might've been
But we used commonsense to work it out we quit before the word got out
We hurt each other stead of hurtin' all the rest
But why'd the last time have to be the best
Why'd the last time have to be the time the time we made our poem rhyme
You were perfect no more no less Lord why'd the last time have to be the best

Today I passed our old meetin' place
You know it's not hittin' like we used to think it was
I guess we were just blinded by passion runnin' with the burnin' love
But we used commonsense...
I guess I'll always wonder why the last time had to be the best

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