Why I Ate My Wife

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I heard your voice in my mind - you were Iying
I saw you under the door - you were sleeping
An ocean bleeds in your veins - now you're melting
Your hand holds onto the sun - protecting
The air is red and cold - in your insides
I feel your tongue in my mind - caressing
I feel your eyes in mine - remembering
You peel my body away - you're emerging
I put my mouth on your name - and I swallowed
I heard a sound in your chest - it was hollow
Your hand was under my skin - yes l'm fallow
I'll curl my body inside - to see through you
I love you more than my mind - but l'm Iying
I can't remember the words - but I loved you
I can't remember my name - you live through me
I can't remember the words - now l'm Iying
I can't go on with the song - but you're singing.