Alien Sex Fiend

Wild Women

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I need some gasoline for my car,
My car's broken down...
I hear drums in the distance...
I'm stuck, stuck in the jungle...

Wild women
Yeah yeah yeah...
I got red lights
Red lights!

All women are wild.
Wild women.
Beehive hairdos and a cadillac
She's so good looking I need a heart attack!!!

Wild women!
I'm like a child in her hands...
She's like heroin...
Well I pulled my car into the side of the tracks.

And I felt a native's eyes in my back...
I knew I was on wrong ground!
Wild women...
I'm in urgent need of flesh..
I'm in urgent need of flesh...

Look at the lions.
Look at the lions.
In the bullrushes
He wants a wildebeest for his lunch!
Ha ha ha!

Autor(es): Christine Wade / David James / Johnny Ha Ha Freshwater / Nik Fiend

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