Marshall Crenshaw

Will We Ever

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There's nothing on the radio
Another hundred miles to go
Through the fog and rain and wind
Will We Ever love again?

I'm staring straight into the night
Feeling more wrong than right
Same old questions in my head
(I) Just want to be in my own bed

Can't wish on a star
I can't even see the sky
It's hard to believe that this rainy night
Might be over by and by..

Plastic key, unlock the door
I've seen way too many more
Like this room I'm standing in
Will We Ever love again?

I'd gladly fall under your spell
Kiss those lips I know so well
If I only had you near
You can make the darkness disappear

Now, the times we've shared seem long ago and far away
Right now it's you, and only you
On my mind night and day

I want to feel you breathe on me
Hold you tight, and then I'll be
As close to Heaven as I've been
Will We Ever love again?

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