Will You Still Be Mine

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Ever since my heart took such a tumble
I've wondered if your love for me would last
When landmarks fall and institutions crumble
Will it be just a memory of the past?
When lovers make no rendezvous
And stroll along Fifth Avenue
When this familiar world is through
Will you still be mine?
When cabs don't drive around the park
No windows light the summer dark
When love has lost its secret spark
Will you still be mine?
When moonlight on the Hudson's not romancy
And spring no longer turns a young man's fancy

And sirens just mean false alarms
When lovers heed no call to arms
Will you still be mine?
When Elsa's parties are no fun
When FDR declines to run
When Eleanor of "My Day" is done
Will you still be mine?
When Garbo gives out interviews
And Harlem folk forget the blues
When G-Man Hoover's out of clues
Will you still be mine?
A song of love will just remain a gay note
When we have finally paid our FHA note
When Barrymore first hides his face
And when Yehudi leaves a trace
When Crosby's horses win a race
Will you still be mine?

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