Digital Underground

Wind Me Up

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Welcome to the Blue Diamond y'all
Ladies and gentlemen
I'll be your host Edward Elington Humpty Hump Humphry the third
And we going to get it started up in here
Billy big thump Brown on bass Thump Brown
Brooklyn Gibson Myana
And on guitar we got big momma Dotty Taylor in the house
Com'on mang drop it like mang (x4)

It's been a long time do shouldn't have left you
Without a heated beat you could step to
Ever since the days when the humpty dance left you
Openin', I feel you're hopin' that we could bump through
95 was a long one they said no one digs your music but you, kid
You need a strong one
Think about the bomb one
Because the kids are in rare form tonight, hey yo we all one

Let me put my nose back on
Notice how how it goes when the flows back on
Bangers! freakin' the P-funk, punk like a bag (?)
Got my man essential E right beside me

Yo Hump, look, i brought my rhyme book
Cool E, get ready to kick it out for the hook
But before you eat male let me finish nailin'
this grove like a train de-railin
(Like a train)
You better hold on, this song is for the strong
ladies com'on and get your flirt on
When you coming with another one Humpty?
Every time you ask that you pump me, love
Wind me up
Wind me up
You wound us up so now we bound to pound ya
Wind me up
Wind me up
You wound us up so now we putting it on ya

E, Shock and Hump, we putting the bump
You wish for, Hump's back so pump that
It's supposed to lift your
Body up, we got enough
And prob'ly bust the floor up
Shock you know what?

what's up E?
I think this track's about to blow up!

y'all thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?
I'm drinkin' what you drinkin'!
So break it up with a crowded thrust (?)
with the bottles up, everybody's sickin'
to witness the fitness
State to state, don't miss this
Kisses to the Miss's
Love hounds who are on my blood hound
We plug sounds through the nation
true power chasin' blue ha hoo-rasin' (?)
do, and E too, y'all 'bout to shout
We 'bout to place it
High rank, drop stop and bank
This spots about to get hectic, expect it
We got the drank so we got to drank
It won't be degelected, accept it

(Hump, singing)
If it ain't deep it ain't me, bay-bay
Do you take it through a fantasy, bay-bay
The smooth-cool faker is a live wire baby
Sons of the P is packing this hi-fi figures
And we're in the mood to play (play)
We're going to do away with he say she say

Nas, you can have the world I want the Universe
Not for myself but for all other's first
(Hump, singing)
It's time, I'm ready to shine
I'm ready to see if I can walk through my mind, like AMG
I'm not no high, not even lifted yet, only strengthened from the gift
that you give

Puttin' in on ya, bone-ing your ear drums
dumb-dums, forgot that we can come-come
Yum-yum, we bring it different
You bring it hum-drum
You're too cool, you can't risk it
I'm bis-quik
I bubble when you turn the heat up
I'm trouble around the honies, I eat up
Tasty, like bean dip
Frisky like catnip
wind me up, FAT HIP
The big nose, back with the big bouncy track
We got the bass bouncing back
They got me started, so I'm bomb it like I farted
Take the rap sheet and part it
Let my dog take a spill on it
Never phoney on it, ya I still want it
But those shmoes knows how it goes so yo let me flaunt it
I boom-boom on it, take it anyway you want it
Glazed, extra mayonnaise with no bologna on it
poopty scoops and Humpty clumbs the lean cuts
Deez nuts get busted clean, whut
I'ma tell ya what's been missing from the rap game...
This type of shit! Sang!


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