An Horse

Windows In The City

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We could count all the windows in the city
But you;re far too busy and I'm much too slow
So I will start with the windows in this alley
'Cause you think in cities and I think in boroughs

We could count all the planes at the airport
But that would mean you and I were in the same spot
So I will count all the planes I can see
And I will talk to you like you are next to me

I could count all the birds around me
There must be a storm at sea, there must be a storm at sea

I don't know why they come to me
I will pretent it's them
I won't believe it's me

There was no sound when the birds came down and
There were so many gulls and crows

Now why do you suppose?

There must be a storm at sea
It's clearly them not me

I looked up when you told me too