Jessica Andrews

Windows on a Train

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It felt like just a moment
They way they never last
Where were you goin'
That you had to leave so fast

We were supposed to wake up
One day when we were older
Holdin' on forever
But we flew past each other

Like windows on a train
The flashing of a frame
I can't hold on, but I can't let go
A snapshot in my mind
Of a love that's stuck in time
I saw it slip away
Windows on a train

I'm not sure what happened
But here I am alone
Tryin' to find a way
To find a reason that you're gone
I don't know if I'm shakin'
From the rhythm of these wheels
Or if it's my heart breakin'
And this is how it feels
This is how it feels


I'm on my way
To kneel down with the truth
With my black dress on
To say goodbye to you


Autor(es): Hillary Lindsey / Troy Verges

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