Winter In You

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I guess we left you with December in your head and it's too much
A little condescending, but I thought I heard you try to stay in touch
You couldn't tell the thunder from the lightning, and now we all seem blind
To never watch the children round the corner acting just as kind

But everyone saw the winter in you
The snow on the pavement when summer was through
The ghosts in the hallway that leads to your room
You're lying alone with the winter in you

Just try and get back to the simple plan you've left inside your bed
Shake the dreaming from your eyes and leave the memories in your head
Why did you come back to the hotel life you thought had passed you by
When Sarah's in the kitchen every morning, but never wonders why

Everyone saw the winter in you
The lies round the table when morning was due
The cracks in the doorway that comes into view
You're sitting alone with the winter in you

And every room has seen a different player's uniform each year
They go their separate ways - you long to find them waiting for you here
And summer changes easily to winter and the dreams that lie behind
The New Year celebration seems to echo in the sentiment you find

But everyone saw the winter in you
The bitter confusion in the dreaming you do
You're coming out slowly in the summertime view
So just lie on the sand with the winter in you