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In my forehead, a sheet of lead
was seeping through holes of power-hammers
My cracked spirit sank into a heavenly wave
A cloud of ether discharged the ballast
A rainbow with gloomy glints
emerged out of a split of velvet
then all veiled...
As if a lobotomy was overcoming me !

Since they have cut my tongue
Another 's walking in my head
Following the scattering
of misunderstood saliva
Cut hand grows up again longer
Tail of lizard tracked in a lemon clearness
Gouged out eyes are born again in my back
Eye of chameleon mottled in a rouge of meat
Hey Mary, have you bought the ten pounds
of tomatoes at the supermarket ?
My cracked spirit sank into a heavenly wave

Soon I'll hear the sound of my life
Soon I'll see the edge of my life
Soon I'll sniff the smel of my life
I hope that I shall soon vomit

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