Napalm Death

A Gag Reflex

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Vain, shame-faced
Can't reveal the very core
Duress will not
permit a naked ambition

Cursed naked proposition
Dry retch - verged on

Apoplectic - nail you shut
from prying eyes
Ecstasy could not involve
a naked ambition

Squalid naked proposition
Soured - floored by such indignation

The schism is not anatomical
Nor is it residual
It's a societal ghetto
It's a societal black hole.

Priceless liberties expelled
Swift wrath upon the inward

Hold your gag reflex
Your gag reflex

Oh, promiscuous and proud
while you're prudishly on guard

Gender is a willfully caged beast
Set free, it decimates
the phobic concrete
Gender is a caged beast