Alien Sex Fiend

Wish I Woz a Dog

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Never do a days work
I never have a wash
Never a suit
I got no need to be posh
Keep your lamp post shiny and bright
Stop, look and listen!
Never do a days work,
never have to wash,
never wear a suit,
I got no need to be posh.
Keep your lamp post shiny and bright,
cause there ain't no day,
and there ain't no night.
I wish I was a dog.
Bastardized conception,
Dogs in a line
You make the rules
Well that's just fine.
I wish I was a dog.
So you want to die
Yea you're gonna die
Who's been sleeping in my grave? (brain)
I gotta get back to what I know
I wish I was a dog
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Listen all you people
To the north, south, east and west.
Listen to your dog.
He knows best.

Autor(es): Christine Wade / David James / Johnny Ha Ha Freshwater / Nik Fiend

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