Dol Amroth

With dragons I ride

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Born neath the sign
Of the mighty winged reptile,
With pride I have lived
Endowed by birth with the gift!
Now with honor I rise
Once more I take to the sky
Astride furious beasts I fly!

With dragons I ride
A majestic warlord of the sky!
Soaring high, Wyverns fly
Battle ecstasy is nigh!
Breathing fire, spitting flame
My dragon throne I reclaim!

A burning black sword in my grasp
Spears howl to rip flesh apart
Yet lo! Our banner's holding fast!
With hatred we strike back
Cutting out their hearts
Drown them in a sea of blood!

Hymns echo in the clouds
The clash of our steel!
Driven in hegira of retreat
Our foes surrender and kneel!
Emerging from the fray,
Victorious we stand forever true
Strong and brave, ours is the day!

"And in the aftermath of carnage, corpse mounds crowd the field of battle. A sinister mist lingers over the bodies of the slain, her merciful veils covering the atrocious sight of slaughter, spilt blood and torn viscera. So many league fellows fell today, so many heroes lost, so many broken swords… Yet no battle but a war we have hereby won! O friends, grieve not overmuch! Set the dead to their pyre; sing their fame by the lyre… And high in the mournful evening sky, mighty black dragons raise a final hail of farewell and then away they fly!"

In memory of fallen lords
Dragons lament with sad red eyes
Envenomed tears, darkened by plight;
Fiery sobs, flames in their dirge
For dragon lords who once stood tall
Won't breathe the wind no more...

Only their spirit lingers on
A legend eternal to forge
And into glorious war lead us anon!

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