Within Me

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I was born to fulfil a terrible destiny
The greatest punishment of all
Punished for what I didn't do and what I couldn't change
Every attempt to avoid just lead me closer to the inevitable

I committed the biggest sin of them all towards myself
How could I avoid it, why did I deserve it?

I hold out my hands that blackened my eyes
And see my destiny as the stream of blood that it is
With blinded eyes I shed a tear
Thinking about the destiny that I passed along

Take away all my senses so I can't feel the pain
Let me never know your thoughts

At the peak of my life I realise that everything is false
And all that I have done has only been harmful towards myself
I have inherited the sins of my forefathers
My life is dead and I'm in pain

The greatness of my life has withered
Leaving me with no desires of life or death
If only time would stop and leave me with nothing
Let me be the one you hate

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