Within The Walls Of Babylon

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Immersed in a sea of pain,
chained to a lifetime agony.
Existence becomes a thron stuck in the side of the innocents.
Born different
destined to suffer.

A throne unsurped by man
for a kingdom played with tyranny,
malicious, vile, mercyless.
Modernity devours the children
of earth disgraced.
Before humanity's demented eyes, driven by sickness civilization
indulges in suicidal madness.

Within the walls of babylon,
wickedness is rampant,
and snakes crawls under virgin skin.

I seek a moral elevation, to salvage hopes of paradise,
no more cupidity but altruismo restore harmony.
Under a red sky of dying
nature, laments of the dead
praise revolution.
Tears of the victimized,
flow into a sea of despair.

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