With Me You Shall Fall

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World full of promises, full of lies
Enter insanity!
God will be destroyed and so will you
And all of you who pray for me

Images forlorn
Lost in the chains of the deity
Weak my senses are
I listen to my instinct's call
With insight I'm rising up
Rid of weakening sympathy
New world visions stare at me
The blindfold's off
You can't fool me now

God ends not my life
Never touched me
I end it all
And with me you shall fall

Images pass my eyes
We're born into a world of slavery
Rise with me, come rule our fate
The time is right
God of lie descend

Urge to change the past
By eliminating its future
Illogical but making sense
Contradictive supremacy

United we stand
Stronger than strength
As conquerors of mankind's fate
Is our gathered hate

God is in his followers
But drained of him alone they stand
Now you've said your last prayer for me
Now it's plain to see
Who's fooling who

Enter insanity...

Autor(es): Anata

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