For Squirrels

World's Greatest Lover

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Wouldn't want to hurt you baby
You're the world's greatest lover
wouldn't want to flirt but maybe
Tease your world famous other
everybody knows you in spite of me
and everybody digs it when you're lazy
I've had my adrenalectomy
Here comes the poppies again
the witches' narcolepsy
O.K. I'll sleep to be me
Apathy is spread like rabies
my cytomegalovirus
learn to flaunt the burden baby
america's lost pirates
dig it, dig me
Phantoms lure the evil lady
to slay your world famous other
do you hear this line's clue save me
I may be the other
World's greatest lover
you're the world's greatest lover
but I've got rabies baby
I'll love you like no other