The Bear Quartet

World War III

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She fell and hit her head
Where roads don't go
So a helicopter came for her
Took her up and through
The clear summer sky
Above all the colors
Down below

And she thought:
Well i guess,
This is where i ought to be right now

Out in the woods
The game of hide-and-seek
Was ended by the rain
But no one told me
Covered in moss and leaves
Ifelt real smart
Until i found myself
Alone in the dark

And when home came that thought:
This is where i ought to be right now
I want to walk into a place
And feel it's where
I ought to be always

The sole survivors
Of world war three
We were playing
In the forest

I was hiding
From you who had gone home
Without telling me and
I swear that sometimes it's like
I'm still out there

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