King Missile

World War Iii Is a Giant Ice Cream Cone

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Cherry on the top like a nuclear warhead
Nuclear bomb gonna lick the trigger
I had a dog fly religion neutron
On a chocolate sundae
Look mom, fallout is stuck between my teeth
Atomic toothpick picks the tartar
Clean it out like a yum yum yum
Then blow out my brains with a shot gun gun
I had a smile like old Jim Dandy
Radio radioactive candy
Yum yum yum cherry on the top
Bob and beep and boop and bop
Gonna eat tons of snot
Then blow out my brains with a shot gun gun
Fun fun fun in the sun sun sun
Potato dog, dogs and flies
Real dull spoon will pluck out my eyes
Pluck out my eyes on Sunday
Blow out my brains on Tuesday
World War III is a giant ice cream cone

Autor(es): Dogbowl

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