Wizard of Void

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Witchburner, Firewalker.. a candle in the night.
Dream catcher soul deceiver... Never sees the light.
Magnetic orb of terror. Coming in your life.
Blood sucker.. Lie creator.. gonna twist your knife.
Living in you mind.
The only way to find.
Search and you might find
The wizard of void takes your soul.
Web Crawler dream creator.. Lord of all this world.
Nocturnal ghost messiah. Fighting for your woe
Air walker... Dream cremator.. Smashing all your youth.
Protector, Undertaker.. Fearing for the truth.
Living in your mind.
The only place to hide.
Look and you will find
The wizard of void takes your soul
You'd better run,
The light we all created.
The only Sun shining before us.
Is gone.....
Living in your mind.
the only way to hide.
look and you may find
You're all alone.. in this place that you call home.
The same old lie.. Wizard of void gonna take your soul away.
Stay alive.. a place that you can't find.
wizard of void gonna take your soul away.
Gone away..
Away. Gone Away!

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