Woman On The Wheel

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There’s a man out here puts his head
In the mouth of a crocodile
Puts the whole thing in, takes it out
And gives the crowd a great big smile
And they walk away with their illusions of safety safely intact
And they tell their little wide eyed kids it’s only an act

There’s a man out here throws knives
At a target with a blindfold on
And the wheel spins round
And the knives bear down til they find their home
And I can feel the rush and the whoosh of every blade of steel
Cause I am the woman on the wheel

Sometimes I get lonely sometimes
I get scared but most times bored
Sometimes I ask God please God
Just show me just what’s behind that door
As if God was monty hall and this was let’s make a deal
And I am the woman on the wheel

Had a sweet little baby in coeur d’alene, he was an acrobat
Took me out on the wire man I never knew love could feel like that
But in the end he was a man who
Couldn’t keep his feet on the ground too long
In the end it’s just another highwire act gone wrong

So it’s on with the show and
It’s send in the clowns and the trapeze act
And it’s more of the same
And it’s less of a game than a cold hard fact
And most times it’s better not to ask myself how I feel
I’m just the woman on the wheel

I know what you’re thinkin as
The knives fly by and they find their mark
You’re thinkin one false move
And it’s a real bad day at the amusement park
You wouldn’t wanna be me but you need me just the same
To remind you what you stand to lose and what you stand to gain

They say I’ve got a death wish yeah
But I don’t think that’s true
As far as I can see it’s less
About me and more about you
You see it ain’t your fears so much
As what your fears reveal
I’m just the woman on the wheel

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