Wonderful Lie

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I've been away for months
And I can't really take it anymore
'Cause every time I go
I learn the hours better than before

I know there's twenty-four and they're moving slow
Because the minutes carry me away
Am I spending time, is it spending me
'Cause every second feels like it's a day

Where did it go
I never cared for tomorrow
Just a wonderful lie
The confident kid who would never die

The world was weighing down
And I just can't ignore it anymore
'Cause every time I leave
It kills me as I'm walking out the door

For I am well aware this is all I have
People in places that I've grown to need
And it's enough to make every second seem
Like it's the currency of feeling free

It's broken my heart, I'm seeing inside
With every breath I take I'm more aware of time
Yeah where can I find the peace of mind
That I had back then

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