Words Without Actions

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If the people would lead, the leaders will follow. Its an old cliche, that seems hard to swallow. One person makes a difference, most people think not, but I believe one person can accomplish a lot. This shit is getting played, but its not fucking dead. Lets cut through all the bullshit, Its time to use our heads. The youth of today arent turning shit around,
Just beating a tired drum right into the ground. Words without actions will quickly be ignored. If youre only in it for the fun, then theres the fucking door. Pick out a cause, do what you know is right, and if your backs against the wall, be prepared to fight. Take a stand for the things you think you need. Lead by example, the other will take heed. If you do what is right, your goals you might reach. It all starts out by standing up for what you believe. Its a movement about justice, dont matter how you dance, a movement about peace, get your head out of your ass.

Autor(es): Kill Your Idols

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