Trashcan Sinatras

Worked A Miracle

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Halfway to paralyzed my understudy's eyes grew tired
Every actor hides a heckle, doctor hides a jeckyl
See through my disguise
Worked a miracle I'm unmistakable
Clueless and comfortable and pondering on my motives
(It gets me by) I used to question now I find
(It saves me time) my reverend green revolver
Guessing game is over much to my surprise
Worked a miracle, I donned a uniform
Clueless the constable finally gets a chance to say
'Nobody leaves this room, Nobody touches anything'
We're cast on the water the part is a walk-on
So worhip the way I play it
Primadona behavior I'm playing the saviour
In a goalkeeper's graveyard
Worked a miracle. I finally feel at home
Clueless and comfortable worked a miracle
And pondered on his motives.

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