Work That Fat

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Yo, yo - where all the fat girls at?/Get on the dance floor, baby /And let me work that fat (Woo!) /Yeah, let me work that fat /Yeah! /That's how we like 'em - fat and proud /Cuz when they sit down, they sit all around //The whole house - sidewalk and everything else /I'll be damned, baby, if U don't sit on yourself /But that's what I like U 4 /(Let me work that fat) {x2} /And take U 2 the crib - I swear 2 God U got stuck in the door /Say U didn't, U know U did /Opened up the ice box, ate everything in the crib /Midnight snack, my ass! //Bought 7 packs of cookies, thinking they would last /I'll be damned, baby ate the wrapper 2! /Then looked at me and said, "Nigga, I'll eat U, 2!"
(Let me work that fat) {x2} /But I guess 4 now that'll do /My baby's fat - I like her like that /I hate a skinny skench talking straight out her hat /About a credit card, and how I need 2 give her mine /I swear 2 God I'll step on that neck every time! //(Let me work that fat) /I'd rather hang out with my boys and cruise Plymouth /Lookin' 4 a fat girl toy so I can make a play /And take her 2 the way /And introduce her 2 my brother Sonny T's bass /Or maybe my guitar /I'll play so loud she'll quickly get her big ass in the car /Get in, shut up, get in! /Push the seat back - U can fit /Then sit on top of the monster, I don't care! /Just shut up, get in! /(Let me work that fat) {x2}
What? What? /Oh! {x3} /U in trouble now! /Mike, turn this shit up! /Aw yeah! /(Let me work that fat) {x2} /Told U U should... /Shut up! Sit down! /Got sho'nuff plenty nerve /(What, what?) /(Let me work that fat) {x2} /Ha ha ha...! /Damn, is this where U live? /How many food stamps did U have 2 give 2 get this palace? /Yeah, this is really nice /I betcha my thigh ain't as big as one of these mice /What kind of traps U use? /I know they don't work /Mice take the cheese and say, "D-d-damn, what a jerk!" /U must be nuts - think I'm go'n sleep here /Quiet as it's kept /There's several things 2 fear in this habitat /Let me guess, let me guess /"U like it like that" {x2} /So nobody'll rob ya /Well, as a matter of fact who is this brother? /
What's he doing in your bed? /Wake up, brother, 'fore I take this new 9 and tap U on your head! /No no, she's my girl - every last mile /Now I suggest U start explaining /Before I slap that smile in the living room /U got a lotta nerve /Why don't U get your clothes /And introduce your silly ass 2 the curb? /Damn, I shoulda known /Treat a lady wrong, she'll do U the same /Can I use your phone? /I wanna call Mike /Mike, gimme another solo /I'm through with these fat girls /They know they fine /They pop U out every time /Know what, U know what? /If I see your boyfriend outside /I'm go'n hit him with the car /That's right /Oh! /Fat girls /Let me work that fat

Autor(es): Prince